2019: The Consequences of your vote .


Nigerians in their wisdom or otherwise will elect the type of President good enough for their mentality and their perception of how they want their nation to be in the 21st CenturyAlhaji Abubakar Atiku PDP candidate

Whatever the result of their actions between a vote for either Buhari or Atiku even a sharp departure from the past controlled by religion, tribalism, nepotism and godfather mentality to voting for Sowore, Moghalu or Fasua, whatever they decide on February 16th, the Oracle says they will live with the consequences of their action or inaction.

     President Mohamadu Buhari.

On this wall, we have pointed pros and cons of APC, and PDP, we have also focused on what new faces like Sowore, Moghalu and Fasua can offer in the world controlled by technology, but we have not taken any endorsements of any candidate to our readers.


Yele Sowore  AAC candidate

A nation without EPS (expanded primary system) will find it difficult to separate facts from sentiments however, we call only advise you all to look at your children and grandchildren in the eyes before you go out to vote and take a decision that will improve their lives and future of their generation.

Above all, this Oracle will enjoin you all to love Nigeria more than individual, build the future on our institutions, and let our Constitution be the ultimate and respect for rule of Law than  the personality of individuals, if we do, we can enjoy the beauty of Democracy.

Again like 2015 non of the Parties adopted EPS to elect their candidates they followed the same ugly system, in which rigging and bribing electorates with rice and kuli lulu is still the process, and it will be difficult to have free and fair election after voters cards were destroyed by INEC weeks before election.

On our part we will continue to push for EPS as the solution to getting good leaders in Nigeria until then, we take what we have.




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