2019 Govt under St Buhari: The North Grabbed them all.


As predicted by this Oracle in 1999, that the constitution did not protect the interest of all, the Core North grabbed all the important positions in the Federal Republic of Nigeria to show the defectiveness in the 1999 General Abdul Salam’s Constitution which has never been in the interest of all the 225 tribes in Nigeria despite the pretence.

To relinquish even the Speakership to the Southwest which had benefited from a helpless arrangement of APC through  Asiwaju Tinubu and his surrogate  Vice President Osinbajo and a Christian with no say in the system despite being a SAN of the Federal legal system, Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila had to be dragged to Mecca to openly pledge  his commitment to Islam, and core North  before his Speakership was confirmed on the floor of the House.

The new Speaker Femi Gbajabiamila for the first time openly exposed his Hakeem middle name to reassure his core Northern friends that he will not rock the boat if given the Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives that was taken away from him four years ago, forget about the voting on the floor of the House, he had been selected in Mecca as approved by the Core North with guidelines of what to do and what he could not.

Femi Gbajabiamila, the strongest politician from the South is nothing but a subdued politician just to give the face of inclusiveness which in actual fact had been compromised without revealing what he agreed to compromise with will be a test for this 9th National Assembly.

However, as Nigeria prepares to move on with the 9th National Assembly under his leadership, the following in what could now be classified as a fake secular system will be in operation which is now a concern to former President Obasanjo and Professor Wole Soyinka the two that initially stood against regional and restructuring of the whole system.

Nigeria as it is, will now be a steroid on a time bomb, and ready for a fight that may lead to war or inequality of tribes and religions as the foot soldiers of Fulani herdsmen will be all over the states of the Nation of the people deprived of State and Local  Police system to defend and protect themselves.

Those who said Nigeria through St Buhari is now on the way towards Islamization may be right after all, under this administration, from the time General Babangida joined OIC in the eighties,  the signs are there, with  when the President and Chief of Justice openly carried the bag of Quran which some said were bags of Sharia Law to take Oath of office.

To keep our nation as one with rights of all protected, we must all monitor and caution every step of St. Buhari administration, legally through our local and international connections, otherwise, we are a nation on steroid of time bomb, the National Assembly may not be the only way to protect the interest of the 225 tribes other avenues must be in place.

The present arrangement under this presidency has no plan for the South East, it did not protect the South South, it further enslaved the North Central, while the Southwest that was given a camouflaged presence but in all actual facts weak partnership, they all pay homage to the control of the core North and we can conclude the whole Nigeria has now been recolonized by the Core North.

Finally, the little consolation in Hon Femi Hakeem Gbajabiamila, in his oath taking he did not carry bag of Quran or Sharia like President Buhari and Acting Chief Justice did.

The question is what do we do?




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