1600 children separated from illegal immigrants parents.


To gain admission illegally into United States of America, most of the illegals from Latin America shielded behind their children at the US Southern border which made it difficult to enforce the immigration law.

The above has been the practise for decades until the Southern states are now latino in language and culture, a threat to the foundamentals of America itself and Whites Americans too.

The previous administrations never tried to close the porous border with Mexico for political reasons, and catch and release system did not help to reduce undocumented immigrants in US now at almost 13 million.

The US immigration ICE decided to punish the adults or the parents in this racket instead of the children, it separated the kids brought illegally to the country from their parents, placed them in foster homes in Texas and the parents were deported.

It may sound crude,it is the only option to Trump administration as against full deportation of the patents and the kids, which the Democrats objected to.

Open border is an issue in the last Presidential election, which was tied to terror, and crimes from Mexico and building a wall to reduce the work load of over stretched Immigration border staffers, until the $25b required to build the wall is approved.

In the current fiscal year, only $1.5b was approved by the Congress to build the wall not enough to support the campaign promise of President Trump


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