12 Russians indicted over 2016 US elections


NewsZents: Few days into the meeting between Russian President Vladamir Putin and US President Donald Trump, the US Deputy Attorney General Rod Rodsenstein released the names of 12 Russians who hacked into DNC, it chairman, Podesta and Hillary Clinton which assisted US voters to see the hidden truth about Hillary Clinton and officials that destroyed other Democrats in the primaries.

Deputy AG Rod Rodsenstein  said no American knowingly helped the Russians in the hacking, meaning no Trump campaign team was involved in any collusion.

A Trump’ ally and old friend¬† Rogers was alledged to have picked information online from a Russian who used a fake name Degucci.2 to contact him, the information had been published by wikileaks for public consumption before the fake Deguccu.2 communicated with¬† Rogers.

The Democrats minority leader, Senator Chuck Schummar of New York asked President Trump to cancel his scheduled meeting with President Putin today which not happen.


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