When your enemy is your hero (6)

When you are too smart to the extent that you are almost regarded as a deity and, when you crash your followers are likely to crash with you, it happened to Shango god of thunder, before he committed suicide, it happened to Lisabi Agbogbo akala in Abeokuta when he became too popular than the King, before he was killed by Alake of his period.
When the crash happens it will be like a man who died in estate, without Will, and the possibility of a successor would be very remote however only the momentum of your work would be the only consolation for your followers.
The above would be a little way to summarize this new chapter on Awolowo. He was too smart by the thinking of the Yoruba for them to even imagine Papa could do anything wrong, his mistakes were considered divine.
Late Bola Ige, the former Governor of Oyo State in the second Republic, born and raised at Ibadan from Ijesha when he was asked if Awolowo could ever be wrong, his answer was like asking a conservative Muslim if Prophet Mohamed could ever be wrong or even the Pope himself.
Bola Ige said in the following order, God, Jesus the next was Awolowo. And when the interviewer asked him if he ever in his life imagined if Awolowo could ever be wrong?
Bola Ige one of the surrogates of Awolowo said for Awolowo to be wrong, he must have been wrong ten times.
Awolowo’s followers were too committed to him to see his mistakes, and when he was eventually asked to be flexible, it was not the specialty of Awolowo, and his first mistake started with uplifting Akintola to the office of Premier, and how he ran away most of those who challenged his authority, they all joined the opposition against him.
Awo was not a flexible politician, flexibility in politics to him was a word for the liars, back bitters, corrupt, or of recent kidnappers including rituals. Awo was none of those, he began his relationship on trust, when you failed him it was difficult to win his trust again, and those who failed him, he destroyed.
Papa had no spirit of forgiveness, to forgive your enemy is to give him the second chance to get to you again, even when they were dead Awolowo still cursed them, when Awolowo visited Ogbomoso to campaign in 1979, he called late Akintola traitor in his home town.
Further more, those who crossed him were not only destroyed socially and politically, he placed a curse on them and their families, if he had the power of wizard or voodoo no-one could say, he was a member of Masonry spiritual group and Ogboni, and some spiritual groups too advanced for his period.
When Major General Buhari was Military Head of state in 1983-85, his administration through Army chief of Staff Gen Babangida raided the home of Awolowo, they discovered Awolowo had a folder on all politicians he dealt with.
Gen Buhari denied he knew about the raid, IBB carried out, it was rumored that it was MKO Abiola who advised his friend IBB to do so otherwise his plan to remove Buhari would not have programs like people’s bank etc were lifted from the documents found in Awolowo’s house.
When Awolowo met MKO Abiola, he told him to use all the God given opportunity to improve his people instead of investing in women, Abiola was one of beneficiaries of Awolowo education policy in the fifties, his government awarded the scholarship that took Abiola to Scotland in UK to study Accountancy.
As blessed as Abiola was, he had no respect for Awo, he was probably a fan of late Akintola who betrayed Awolowo in the sixties. When he used his Concord Newspapers to destroy Awolowo over Maroko land deal, it affected Awolowo a lot, it ridiculed him with the Press and Papa was unhappy, it was a political joke carried to far by a boy who benefited from his policies in the past.
Awolowo talked to Oduduwa, and he went into spiritual meetings with the gods of Yoruba, “Adabi” (meaning why , and why must it be you) was what Awo asked from the gods on Abiola before he cursed Abiola. He told him he would die in shame, whatever his plans were he Abiola would be destroyed by those he called friends. It was exactly what happened to Ologun dudu.
MKO Abiola died in the way Awolowo predicted, he smelt the Presidency but he never had it, his friends let down, he died in jail and the Concord Newspapers Abiola used on Awolowo today has gone into perdition. Papa did not curse Abiola’s family, because his own mother came from Abeokuta like Abiola.
Awolowo was a deity.
To be continued
Zents Sowunmi is New York based author his books are available on amazon.com and from your local bookstores.


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