US: Monuments are no threat to History


Newszents: History can only be defined as the preservation of the past before we can call it history however, America is set to destroy all the monuments of those with history of hate and slavery and you wonder if history will mean anything to the coming generation.

If monuments threatens understanding of goodwill and historical facts, how will the Americans in years to come handle the monuments of the founding fathers like the first President George Washington?

Will the nation’s Capital Washington DC named after George Washington be changed? Or Jefferson with all his contribution to the country who also had slaves too? When will they draw the line?

Majority of all those who wrote US Constitution had slaves with monuments all over the country, the KKK was the baby of the Southern States controlled by the Democrats in three occasions to destroy the Republican leaders and Catholics in the last 150 years.

To those familiar with my post, 1960 was the year of repentance for the Democrats thru President Kennedy and how the Party stole the blacks from Republican Party because of the mistakes of then VP Richard Nixon.

Crical Thinking

The removal of statue is a trend that may be difficult to stop, this writer in the past doubted the commitment of the Democrats to the US Constitution and the game to remove it is on, after, the removal of the monument, the writings of the law will be questioned, and America liberals will call for a new Constitution to be written by those without history of slavery and hate.

Today, State of New York thru the Democrat Governor ordered the removal of some monuments and streets name change including those with past military officers even in the military base, and it is likely somebody will very soon ask about George Washington Statue in front of the City Hall, the office of the first US President in New York?

Will they stop or just remove it?

Democrats after the loss of 2016 election in a country that is not a one party State after eight years in office are ready to destroy everything, pulling down the presidency is not the end of the plan, but changing the Constitution of the country, like the Oracle wrote exactly two weeks ago

May God have mercy on America to build monuments to counter monuments because what was right in the past is now wrong today, history is the name for the past it is not the destruction of the past, when you destroy the past you have no foundation to build the future

Why do people go to Egypt if not because of the pyramids, or Rome, if not because of the past or Paris if not because of Napoleon Bonaparte, they were no saints. Let us preserve history, we can build more to protect.


Zents Sowunmi is a New York based writer and author of several books.


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