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With faces covered, women voted for the first time in Saudi Arabia, 60 years behind Nigeria, 100 years behind USA

Saudi women 2NEWSZENTS: Saudi Arabia a  country in the Middle East,  the conservative  Muslims in Nigeria are trying to imitate its culture and religion over the rest of the country , surprisingly, is still trying to  be like Nigeria itself, where the right of women to vote was granted several decades ago when Mrs. Funmilayo Ransome Kuti the mother of late Fela Anikulapo Kuti  fought for universal adult sulfrage which included  the right of women to vote  in the Nigeria


Also, Saudi women are  100 years behind the women in the United States of America over the same right, the above,  is indeed how far behind Saudi Arabia must be with civilization when it comes to women.

The Oracle says it is not a country to be taken as  a role model for the women in Nigeria or any civilized world. It is not.

Some of the conservative Muslims would readily quote the Quran to justify how women should be treated  however, with this new development,  Saudi Arabia  where Islam started could now see the light and with  limited rights granted to the women.

The above  shows  the Quran is not as static or unchangeable as many would want non Muslims to believe.

In a dynamic world, the Oracle says very soon Saudi Arabia will get there on all rights of women and children, and if the women keep on pushing because this 21st Century.

Kuwaiti girls give a victory sign as they stand in front of a polling station in Jahra February 2, 2012. Kuwaitis headed to the polls on Thursday for the fourth time in six years in a snap parliamentary election in which opposition candidates expect to expand their influence and push for change in the oil-exporting Gulf Arab state. REUTERS/Stephanie McGehee (KUWAIT - Tags: POLITICS ELECTIONS)

Those women in Saudi Arabia who ran for office were not allowed to campaign and nor were they allowed to drive neither did they allow them to  move around during the election process, however, the Oracle says,  the world must not totally condemn Saudi Arabia instead, it should be commended for moving forward, even if it is at a snail speed.

What must be condemned are the countries moving back the development in their countries in an attempt to be like a backward nation like Saudi Arabia in the 21st Century  in the areas of rights for women and children. Like Fela said in one of his song. “Follow Follow” just look at it and go your way.

Details from the Saudi Arabia shows women were also standing as candidates, another first, despite the conservative kingdom being the only nation where women are not allowed to drive. A total of 978 women have registered as candidates, alongside 5,938 men. Female candidates have had to speak behind a partition while campaigning or be represented by a man. Turnout was high, state media reported, about 130,000 women registered to vote, officials said. That figure still falls well short of male voter registration, which stands at 1.35 million.

Salma al-Rashed was the first woman to register to vote. “It felt really good,” she told the BBC. “Change is a big word but the election is the way to make sure we are really represented.” how the system was able to identify women with covered faces would be a subject for future discussion as Saudi Arabia continues to improve on its own democracy

However the Oracle says Congratulations to the women in Saudi Arabia, more will come if they keep on pushing, it will come.

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