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US: Politics of Coal Vs Global Warming Part One

Bios1NEWSZENTS: Do you know coal is measured in million short tons (MST)? Do you know US is  the home to almost 25% of world coal deposit?

And coal is almost the life line of 25 states out of 50 states in America?

However, by 2008 before Barrack Obama became President, America produced 1.17 billion short tons of coal by the time the Chicago man left office only 989 billion was produced, his policies affected the industry drastically,  US Energy Information Administration  (EIA) revealed in 2015  five states Wyoming, West Virginia, Kentucky, Illinois and Pennsylvania produced 639 billion of short tons, the rest of the 20 states were drastically affected with funny and unreliable climate war on US energy house.

In 2005, coal provided 50% of US electricity and 92% of coal consumption  went into 25% energy and most of them in bankruptcy stage in 2016

However,  in 2015 four of coal publicly quoted companies went for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, among those hard hit companies were Patriot Coal corporation, Walter Energy, and the largest of them all Alpha Natural Resources, they all became bankrupt, and they fired  several thousands of workers across the country as most of the workers for the first time in their lives became food stamp recipients, from a national figure of 27 million recipients in 2008  to 47 million after eight years,  unemployed workers in the country  including 50 million Americans who gave up on jobs, in all 94 millions were jobless by 2016. It was painful to see hopelessness on the faces of blue collar workers all over the country as most of them left home, families and love ones on a new journey without hope.

The state of Wyoming may not lose its spot as the number one coal state in America, but it has witnessed the loss of jobs in Coal industry due to President Obama’s unreliable policy which put the interest of the world beyond that of his country, as US lost its European market while China and India and others keep leading and pushing Obama to the fulfillment of a policy he read in the book of Fareed a staff of CNN in which America will no longer be a Super power but ordinary nation.

When Hillary Clinton the Democrat Presidential candidate was asked what she was going to do with coal industry, she promised to pursue the same useless policy of President Obama that was killing the Coal industry and it removed from her equation, the votes from 25 states across the nation and a fast thinker. It was where she lost the presidency that almost a given however, the Republican candidate,  Donald Trump, and a strategist,  promised the coal states his support and if  they believe him.

Will he keep his promise? They were not sure and they waited, the Paris agreement stood between them and hope for their families.

If you knew how Democrats took the black votes from the Republicans in 1960 because of the carelessness of then Vice President Richard Nixon who failed to defend publicly the blacks when Martin Luther King his friend was arrested and Senator Kennedy who was down in the polls went and asked the Judge to release Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

It was that singular action of  JF Kennedy, that made the African Americans Democrats to date, that will be the only easy way to explain or to see how Trump took the blue-collar workers from the Democrats and that singular action gave him the presidency in the states considered blue in US politics.

The Climate agreement of Paris which President Obama used his executive order to join without approval from the Senate because he knew despite the popularity of it with his liberal friends abroad the US Senate would consider the plight of the workers in the 25 states before any of his policies. It became the problem a new President Trump would have to face or to honor his promise to the American Coal industry and he did.

Is global warming real?


If the world population is doubling every 45 years, so is the body heat we produce.

Can the human heat be controlled? No.

Can we then stop having kids just because we feel like controlling nature?

Hell No.

Will global warming make some people rich?


Will it benefit USA?

Most likely not. However on the short run from a bad situation but the future is too much on what the rest can do now,  than how US can be hard hit in the next ten years

You can feel the joy on the faces of American workers in the 25 coal states when President Trump fulfilled his promise to them with the pullout from the Paris agreement, with that his electoral college votes just went up and it may be a long-term alliance of the Republicans with those 25 states just like Democrats did with Kennedy in 1960, this is a revenge switch for the Republicans, that may keep the Democrat out of the White House for eight years

Finally, like President Trump reminded the world the first duty of any reasonable President is to his own people, with the way he put if, he was voted President to represent Pittsburgh not Paris, with that he cemented his relationship with his base.

To be continued

Dr. Zents Sowunmi is a New York based writer, author and a  member of Presidential  Advisory Board.




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