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US 2016: After Super Tuesday only pride can keep Marco Rubio and Dr. Ben Carson in the race.

Senator Marco Rubio of Florida speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) at National Harbor, Maryland March 14, 2013. Two senators seen as possible candidates for the 2016 presidential election will address a conservative conference where Republicans will try to regroup on Thursday after their bruising election loss last year. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS) - RTR3EZQO

Senator Marco Rubio of Florida

Newszents: The Oracle says  after Super Tuesday  primaries from eleven states including Texas  the heart of the Conservative South, and with 595 delegates at stake, only pride can keep Baby face Senator Marco Rubio who is yet to win a state despite all the supports from those angry with Donald Trump. No one has received more endorsement than Rubio but what is endorsement without a win? His fate in the race is looking like the era of Temptation  the musical group with the Motown without any hit, that will be the way to describe Marco Rubio, who speaks very well, nice family, clean but somehow his baby face makes it difficult for the Americans to take him too serious, like Trump described him “He is just a Baby”Ted_Cruz_113th_Congress-1

Secondly, If Senator  Ted Cruz “the labelled Canadian”  is also able to survive  after Super Tuesday, it can only be for one thing he probably wins his home state of Texas with 155 delegates, but Texas is not that easy with just 8 points leads over  the money man from New York, the stranger who took the establishment to the cleaners  and to get the whole of the 155 delegates one has to score more than 51% of the vote otherwise, it will be shared  accordingly and sharing of delegates may not be in the interest of what can keep Senator Ted Cruz in the race, so he is taking interest in the voice of Mitt Romney who asked the GOP candidates to look at Trump’s tax records because it may contain the bombshell to destroy the myth around the smart mouth of Trump.

To those who followed the 2012 presidential election which Romney lost to President Obama, it was his tax papers and how he kept his money in Cayman Island including his donations that supported all those anti working class, the same he believes if Trump could be checked the same may the fate of the man likely to win the GOP ticket   and one would wonder if Mitt Romney is not planning to destroy his own party if the Democrats can use the information to destroy Trump if he emerges the Party flag bearer which is very likely.

benCarson2Dr. Ben  Carson is the man with a very ugly situation here, he is longer looking happy,  his steady rise in the polls until he became a front liner before Trump destroyed him with his book and he never recovered from the down slide of the Trump attack, secondly, the IOWA lies of Senator Ted Cruz a fellow Christian, on his assumed withdrawals from the race finally nailed his growth and if he is still hanging there, he must be looking for a miracle which is not the kind you get in politics when the voters are longer looking your way, particularly, when the momentum is like a mirage to the Surgeon  in the race the Oracle says after Tuesday, it will be in his interest to quit the race or he may just hang in there if to show Ted Cruz how unhappy he is with the past, but that will not change anything.Trump

Governor John Kisack of  is like a Vulture, with lots of patience, like James Hardly Chase wrote in one of his books, Vulture is never in a hurry, it is the hope of the Governor of Ohio that after  Donald Trump must have destroyed Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio on Tuesday he will be the only one standing for Trump to embrace as his Vice President and it is not be far from the truth, since the Governor is  an insider into the workings of the government in the Congress and his executive experience will help the smart mouth  Trump to take level headed decision if there will ever be the need for it.

EyesWhat ever the the result of the Super Tuesday Donald Trump will still be standing, if not taller,  the questions will be who are the rest that will be standing with him,  as minimum of two of those with him now will have to drop out?

Zents Sowunmi is a political analyst from Brooklyn New York, his books are available on amazon.com

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