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Trump: The fight is not over (Part One)

TrumpNEWSZENTS: No one ever told​ candidate Donald Trump the road  to the White House and his term as President would be that easy, not even with what all he had to dismantle before winning the nomination of his party.

With 16 establishment candidates Governors, Senators, and former stakeholders with ties to conservative political machines destroyed or weakened before Donald J Trump won the nomination of his  GOP,  he knew he had something tougher to beat ahead and that included the political machines of  former President Bill Clinton in place since 1992, a two term presidency with loyal appointees still in government and a presidency based on two for the price of one that already had eyes for his wife presidency before Obama came from no where in 2008.

Hillary-Clinton-at-senate-015Hillary Clinton(Unable to handle defeat)

Secondly, and unfortunately, the political machines of the Bush dynasties, of the father and Son in place since the days of Ronald Reagan which derailed the GOP from a total support for Donald  Trump because the low energy Jeb Bush could not stand the new energies of Trump and that made both of them to vote for Hillary against Trump in 2016.

President Barack Obama, center, looks at former President George H. W. Bush, right, during a ceremony to recognizes the 5,000th Daily Point of Light Award in the East Room of the White House in Washington, Monday, July 15, 2013. Obama welcomed Bush to the White House in a salute to public service and to the drive for volunteerism that the 41st president inspired with his "thousand points of light" initiative more than two decades ago. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

President Barack Obama, center, looks at former President George H. W. Bush. AP.

Thirdly, the political machines of a very hostile sitting President of Barrack Obama before 2016 election who kept his administration in place with office in Washington​ DC after he left office and since been speaking and scheming against Trump’s policies in and out of the country.

It is rather unfortunate to note that in the history of America  in President  ever conducted a childish post office attitude  like Obama to a sitting  US President or shared DC with the President like Obama is currently doing to Trump after his two terms in office,  President Obama failed to understand and it appears childish.

Mika Zbigniew BrzezinskiIn addition to the above, the liberal controlled Press led by Joe Scarborough and Mika of MSNBC,  Anderson Cooper CNN,  New York times, Robinson of Washington Post and others owned by Warren Buffett, and owner of Amazon.com saw the Twitter messages of Trump as a challenge to the traditional economic power of the Press over any administration, the Trump Twitter weakened the commercials rates and revenue of the Press. It took the abilities to shape any presidency from the traditional press, social media like Facebook, Twitter and others are the 21st Century enemies of the Press.

Furthermore, a disgruntled and frustrated internal party structures led by the two failed presidential candidates of his party led by Senator McCain and for Gov. Mitt Romney, the two had their frustrated political machines in place to contend with Trump.


Anderson Cooper of CNN

Even if Trump won the presidency fairly and simple in election the pre electoral college votes did not favour Trump or the Republican Party, all the five groups above mentioned had their men and women in all areas of the Government appointments and social media to undermine Trump an outsider in government of the united States of America.

They are ready to lead and steal documents to undermine his presidency. Most importantly, Donald Trump did not get the same transition process like any President since 1956, he inherited a White House with land mines, full of enemies, and all Trump had was his die hard supporters in his 306 electoral spread across the Nation who believe in his words and  his campaign promises, the true love of his family led by his daughter Ivanka and Son in-law Jerry Kushner and Steven Bannon his political strategist and that could not be enough to understand the workings of the White House.

Trump’s Chief of Staff the former GOP Chairman had no idea of government working system, and he was yet to transition from a neutral​ Party Chairman to a defender of Trump’s doctrines, his resume should have made him a Deputy Chief of Staff like how Obama did with Campaign Manager he appointed Deputy Chief of Staff and Bob Manuel the current Mayor of Chicago as Chief of Staff in 2008.

The appointment of the Chief of Staff was probably influenced with his leadership at GOP rather than the understandings of Trump himself.

The Oracle says the Chief of staff is a position Trump could have given to Gov Mike Hukabe who could have gotten his back, what he had was not enough to protect his administration from enemies within the party structures and prying eyes of the failed Hillary Clinton’ frustrated 3 million  deplorable voters and those with global interest.

What is next for President Trump?

To be continued.

Zents Sowunmi is a New York based writer, author and member President Trump advisory Board.

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