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African Americans Time to Think.

Bios1NEWSZENTS: When you look at the statistics after almost eight years in office of President Obama, the African Americans are worse than they were eight years ago and it is not entirely the fault of President Obama.

However, In education, they are behind particularly in Maths and English, they have the highest school drop out in the country, only the immigrants children of the Africans are keeping their hope alive.

In economy, they are far behind other races, they lacked access to credit and business loans, 39% more people in jail than any other races in the whole country, their areas of American cities are the most unkempt in the country, hence they faced police brutality due to drugs and social upheavals.

They have the largest number of unemployment in the country, largest recipients of unemployment benefits and they are easily killed by the police because their crime rates are higher.

In the last 50 years, they have been voting Democrats since JFK, yet their problems are never seriously addressed by the party they willingly gave their votes.

When you ask them, what they really want, they would say God will take care of them or when when they get to the bridge we will cross it, and you wonder which bridge, under Clinton, and Obama? u still wonder which bridge.

They have never demanded anything serious from the DNC except to just vote, this year, Mr. Trump of the GOP promised to address their problems, he promised to clean up their cities, job opportunities, programs that will take them from living on welfare to pay check.
Trump says further, all bottlenecks in education, economy, and social upliftment to be addressed by the Republican Party, the Party of Abraham Lincoln who freed the slaves from the Democrats South in 1860.

Trump promised to grants 50 thousands yearly immigrants visa to African countries to increase the population of African Americans.

Is it going to take another Republican President to free African Americans from the Democrats like Abraham Lincoln did?
To be freed from the political grip of the Democrats, they must be ready to be freed themselves from sentiments, if not, they will continue to hope and pray for a David when all they need to do is to review their relationship with DNC or move to GOP.

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