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President Trump: First Address to the Nation 02/28/2017



TrumpNEWSZENTS: President Trump’s address to the joint sessions of the Congress will start anytime from now (02/28/17) as his wife walked into the Chamber  Newszents will give you the highlight of his speech.

The greetings was like the past Presidents before Trump it was not un-usual,  the Speaker sat beside the VIce President Mike Pence who by law is the official President of the Senate both of them in blue ties.

The Speaker announced the arrival of President Trump at exactly 9.03 pm,  somehow, Newszents noticed  the Democrats stayed away from aisle to avoid direct greetings with the President who is a Republican particularly,  the African American Congress Woman from Texas that used to hug former President Obama in those days  she somehow stayed away from the aisle.

President Trump came into the Chamber and the first statement of the President was the  acknowledgement of the black history and he said the  message directly  delivered from his heart. He said further America is ready to lead the world again and in nine years from today, USA America will celebrate 250 years anniversary.

When US was 100 years old it was celebrated in the City of Philadelphia, the City where US Constitution was written by the founding fathers and lots of people displayed their inventions to show the greatness of America, Telephone , Radio and many more were displayed and the President hoped by the time US is 250 years the country will come together to showcase solutions to all the problems of mankind with peace for all.

The President referred to the contributions of America  to the world peace and human sacrifices and helping other nations to secure their borders against their enemies and yet at home America’s border is open to friends and enemies and drugs from the cartel.

President Trump promised the nation  to keep his election promises as a result of this,  Department of Justice, Homeland security and Intelligence  agencies must work together to dismantle the cartel of crimes and drugs.

When  he mentioned  his plans to erase Radical Islamic terrorists from the face of earth he got a standing ovation from the Chamber except from  the Democrats they did not hale or stand up to acknowledge his words. His administration will find new friends and alliances for America though he did not mention Russia the Oracle says Russia may be the new friend he had in mind.

To work with friends to remove ISIL from this planet will be goal of his administration , the  outdated immigration system to be based on merit like Canada.

The President asked the Congress to approve $1 trillion for infrastructural development. He asked  the Congress to repeal and replace Obama care with affordable health care for all. On health he mentioned why Obamacre failed particularly on the single Insurance system with higher premiums and how patients are suffering under a system alien to America’s free enterprises on trade.

The President  wants African Americans and Latino to have the best schools for their children.

” To break the circle of poverty, we much break the circle of brutality and crimes” he said.

The President wants the people to work with the police not against the law enforcement agencies. Police and Sheriffs are friends not enemies he noted.

A department has been created called VOIT (voice of immigration victims)  in Homeland Security Department who are victims of immigration violence,  it will take care of those killed by illegal immigrants.

Border Wall.

The government will take the bid for the Wall in the first week of March and by April the work on the wall will start it be unique and strong enough than anyone can imagine he said.

The President was emotional as he qouted from the Bible ” There is no greater love than a man who laid down his life for his friends and country’  with that, President Trump acknowledged the death of a soldier who died of recent in Yemen.

” Your husband is our Hero and warrior we stand with you” he said.

It was emotional as the whole chamber stood up for the widow of the American soldier, tears ran down on the faces of all,  but the tears on the face of the widow who looked up to the sky to draw strength  was enough to unite a divided country after a bitter November elections.

She looked up the ceiling of the Chamber with tears and the nation looked up too and it was too emotional and one could see why Jesus used the same worda in the Bible that love is supreme when you lay down your life for others. It was what Navy Seal Ryan did for his country. He gave it all.  O ma se o.

The Oracle says it was that occasion Mr Trump probably got his nation behind him for the task ahead with just nine years to the 250 years anniversary.

“Join me in dreaming again” he said ” let your dream feel your hearts do not be afraid to dream big and achieve more” the President motivated his people. He asked for cooperation from the Democrats in particular to fix a broken and divided nation.

God America and God bless OracleZents for his writings Amen.



Zents Sowunmi is a New York based writer and Author on Politics and Religion.


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