Susan Rice Unmasked.


crying_obamaNEWSZENTS.COM. For the second time in Obama’s presidency, the Ambassador Susan Rice, African American married to a Caucasian and former National Security Adviser to President Obama  who witnessed the death of MKO Abiola when he was poisoned in Nigeria with Ambassador  Thomas Pickering  will take the bullet yet again for the mess of both President Obama and President Clinton technically created. And you wonder what Susan stands to gain. Susan was also the scapegoat for Benghazi probe against Hillary Clinton.

It was revealed today on Fox News with reference to RPT. she was responsible for unmasking the name of General Flint  from the Surveillance allegedly ordered on Trump transition team. An offence with ten years imprisonment if found to be true. Senator Rand Paul confirmed Susan was responsible.

When Hillary Clinton then US Secretary of State left Obama’s administration after 2012 election, Susan Rice was on the shortlist to replace her until Senator John McCain took her down over her lack of credibility on truth.Susan Rice

Because President Obama could not push her nomination through,  he went for John Kerry as Secretary of state and appointed Susan Rice as National Security Adviser a position that requires no Senate Confirmation.

It is against the law to unmask any American names in any Surveillance and Susan Rice action in unmasking may be a lot to chew for this lady who had taken political bullets for the past two Presidents. And It could be a cover up to shield Obama and Bill Clinton from what they were responsible.

Susan was Obama’s right hand person and Jeff Session the Attorney General will chew her up. Unmasking and leaking information to Washington Post is a crime. Under oath she will be required to testify against President Obama if the order to unmask the names were directly from the former President or not.

She could cover Obama up and go to jail or expose Barrack Obama if the boss knew about it.

It is her choice.






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