Special Counsel for Hillary Clinton


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US Department of Justice will announce a new Special Councel to investigate, President Obama, Hillary Clinton and Clinton foundation on Russian Uranium deal next week, US AG Jeff Session announced yesterday.

In 2010 Hillary Clinton, as US Secretary of State granted, a Canadian Fully owned Russian company with ties to Putin 20% mining rights of US Uranium. FBI Director then was Robert Mueller current Special counsel, his boss then was US Deputy AG James Comey the fired FBI Director the question will be how the Canadian company passed FBI security clearance, will be investigated.

After the deal, Clinton foundation became. $145m richer through donations from Russia , and former President got lucrative $500k speaking engagement fee from Russia.

The new special Counsel will also look into how the Natalia Veselniyskaya an associate of Putin and Attorney for a Russian business man accused of tax evasion, was denied US visa in Moscow because she was too close to the Kremlin or President Putin.

However, the same Russian lawyer,Natalia, was granted a special waiver to come to US despite the visa denial by US immigration Officer by President Obama’s former Attorney General Lorretta Lynch to enter US without Visa.

When the Lawyer arrived London, she was prevented from boarding her plane to US, and US AG Loretta again stepped in, she called London authority to allow her to proceed to US.

The case against the Russian businessman was concluded with a tax reduction from $34m to $3.4m payment, however, the same lawyer did not return to Russia, she hanged around until she contacted ITrump Jr. That she had information on Hillary for Trump Campaign.


Was that the return favor for her visa waiver?

Then candidate Trump did not meet her, but his son, and Jereed son-in-law did, and she told them she wanted a future President Trump to look into ADOPTION , program President Putin. cancelled several years, which had nothing to do with the excuse she gave to meet Trump team.

All the above happened after the woman attorney was allowed to stay in the country more than six months at the request request of Obama’s AG, Loretta.

In the light of how a DNC finances and administration was taken over a year before Hillary Clinton won the Party nominations, payment of $10m to fake report dossier on TRUMP to an ex-British spy Christopher steele and others including the confessions by. Pakistani staff of DNC on money laundering and recent revelation of Donna Braxille book , this. new Special Counsel will be very interesting.



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