President Buhari, says ‘my doctors are based in UK so what is the nature of his medical check up?


BuhariNewszents: A statement from the Presidency says President Buhari will be out of the country for five days on medical check up and his VP Yemi Osibajo will be the man to keep the flag going.

In a civilized nation, the medical history of the President  and whatever the nation’s number one citizen is suffering from would be known but in a third nation, it is even a sin or very offensive to his supporters to even debate on his state of his health and why must the president have his medical records outside the country is yet another issue political observers are too afraid to discuss all these are very important to improve democracy based on transparency in Africa largest economy but they are yet to grow up to that level, and the question is when will they grow to that level?

Is Buhari a sick man or just a regular check up like everyone of his age? Or what are the political implication of a president with a medical record outside the nation?



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