Nigerians Now Use ATM cards to buy Pepper, in future, to Vote as Predicted by the Oracle


EyesNEWSZENTS: Several years ago the Oracle told Nigerians to prepare to use their  ATM cards to buy anything buyable  including pepper  because that will be the future of the Cards in their wallets,well a brother Dr. Adeyemi thought the Oracle overstated the use of the cards, well it is happening  and the prediction has even been improved.

Prepare to use your smart Phone to vote in future, it is going to happen in the United States of America on Tuesday in the State of UTA just like the Oracle said years ago, if the phone can be used to process bank transactions, it could be a way to end billions of money spent aimlessly  on polling boots and  it is even cheaper if we allow  modern technology to do the job.

Keep this information and tell all “doubting Thomases” you  read it on  because you  are a subscriber to the fastest information Center of the apostle of EPS, the Oracle is about the TRUTH and a better FUTURE.


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