Judicial power of President Trump.


lv_Trump_150928Newszents: President Trump as at today is way ahead all the past Presidents in all his appointees into United States judiciary bodies.

In addition to the widely known appointment of Justice Niel Gorsuch into the Supreme Court,  other Courts are also getting filled.

The Court of Appeal, have been filled with three conservative Judges  like Anal Thapor, John Beth, and Kevin Newson, with six others yet to be confirmed.

In District courts, David Nye already confirmed, with 14 others on the list, US Court of International trade, yet to be filled.

Special Court Article with 3 confirmed already, US Tax Court with  Zero nominee, and Territorial Court Zero nominee yet.

Before the end of the year, President Trump is expected to have re-organized all the courts to think conservatively far away from that of Obama’s presidency that  almost changed the constitution of the country based on Judeo / Christian values.


Zents Sowunmi



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