Indians: American true history.


Newszents:Don’t believe that crap that America belongs to the Indians, if u go to the moon and u find Americans there, will it be okay to say Americans owns the moon?


Each nation will claim that part of the moon they can occupy in the same way the Indians did with that part of America they occupied.

Today America can not tell, China and Russia they own the moon, just because they landed there first. If Columbus discovered that part of unoccupied America for his people from Europe so be it, furthermore it was never a country or empire.

Indians were not in the whole 50 states of America,the Mexicans, were there in some areas, of America and some unknown tribes.

Find out the land mass of America and the very few occupied by Indians to know, how each tribe made America a great nation.

Let’s assume the Yoruba in Africa were the first to come to Nigeria after they left Egypt, can they claim the land other tribes are now just because they came first by their own assumption? Far from it.

Everything, including land and sea belong to God Almighty.

Zents Sowunmi is a New York based writer and author.




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