Dallas Sniper


Micah Xavier Johnson, 25, has been identified as the shooter in the Dallas attack that left 5 dead. – Ting Shen/The Dallas Morning News via AP The sniper who shot 12 Dallas cops — killing five — was identified Friday as a former Army reservist with no criminal record or ties to terror groups.

Micah Xavier Johnson, 25, told a police negotiator he was targeting white officers because he was angry over the recent spate of cop-involved killings.

The Thursday night rampage ended when Johnson, of Mesquite, Texas, was killed by a bomb strapped to a police robot.

The suspect is seen on his Facebook page making the black power salute.

He shows support for several groups celebrating African American culture, including “Black Love Matters” and “The Black Kings & Queens Project.”

In one photo, he’s seen greeting Professor Griff of Public Enemy.

Johnson served as an Army reservist until April 2015. He served as a carpentry and masonry specialist, defense officials told ABC News.

Pictures on the Facebook page belonging to Johnson’s mother show a man resembling the suspect wearing army fatigues and holding an assault rifle.

Johnson’s neighbors told CNN he became more reclusive after returning from a tour in Afghanistan.


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