DACA: Consequences of it (1)


Jeff_Sessions_official_portraitNEWSZENTS: DACA Delayed Actions on children Arrivals   or  Dreamers  or simply Development,Relief, Educational, Alien Minor Act, under Dreamer Act, the purpose of it is to stop deportation of children brought into the country  illegally by their parents. It was never to be a permanent solution according to former President Obama, he called it a temporary solution until the Congress could come up with a program and that was five years ago.

In 2014, the Court declared former President Barrack Obama had no power to grant DACA or Dreamer program to the children illegally brought into country because, immigration law falls under the powers of the Congress.crying_obama

This writer known as the  Oracle says it is necessary to note how this five years old controversial order of Democrat former President Barrack Obama will affect a Republican President  Donald J Trump’s administration if he is able to stop or continue it after the six months he gave the Congress to either pass a law to make it legal or massive deportations of almost 800 thousand of the recipients already in the country before 2007.

Who are the recipients of DACA programs which former President Obama illegally forced on the nation with his executive order?

To be classified under this program, one must be under 16 years, and must have been in the country before 2007 a year before Obama became the President, they must be ready to learn to speak English, the applicants must also be crime free or with no criminal records, in addition,the applicants  must be in a college with limited opportunity to work full time.

According to President Barrack Obama, It was not an amnesty to circumvent the legal immigration law even though it was with the guidelines on its implementations. it is renewable every two years.

DACA  was done out of political hidden compassion of  President Obama after he was unable to get the Republican controlled Congress to agree with his immigration policy and he decided without the Congress to write a law on immigration which the Court rejected because only the Congress can write laws in America.

President Obama in 2008 had promised the Hispanic group he would address the program that favored them more than any race in America,  which was why he got their votes twice in 2008 and  2012 presidential   elections, and out of desperation in 2014 he did what he could to put a smile on the faces of the Hispanics  after the Congress refused his immigration  plans.

Are DACA recipients solely whites, blacks or hispanics?

From the locations of the states deeply affected like Texas, California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Nebraska it could be right to classify them as mostly Hispanics, the major immigration problem group in the United States of America at least to the White Americans.


To enter America by other races, like Africans, Europeans and Asians, they will have to obtain a visa and they can only come into the country   through Airports legally, meaning, only those who came legally with proper documentations and over stayed may be seen among the so called Dreamers and they are very few or insignificant, however, because of the proximity and geographical locations, it is not the same situation with the Hispanics.

Majority of them came by land, desert and roads mostly  thru illegal routes almost difficult to control or manage by Homeland Security Department and almost 95% of the Dreamers today are Hispanics which culturally do not believe in family planning of limited children.

Averagely, Hispanics believe in 6-8 children per family which in future can enlarge the population of a race seen as a major threat to the Whites, that may even reduce the Blacks to minority of the minority for a long time.

What percentage of almost one million of recipients of DACA or Dreamers are blacks or whites?

Probably 5%  and very few of this insignificant percentage  are even from Africa, the rest are either from the middle East who came in through Canada.

How will almost one million beneficiaries of DACA affect all races in the country?

With explosive population of the Hispanics, it will change the country a lot, demographically including English as official language of the country, as most of the Cities in affected states are no longer taking English serious as the lingua franca of the country, they may even be powerful in future to re-write the Constitution if they can get up to 50-60% of US population, they are about 25% now these are some of the fears of the anti-DACA program.

How will DACA in future  affect the election process of the nation?

A lot, the election process is still a bit porous as many doubts the refusal of Democrat Party  to a verifiable identification process as a way to cover illegality or “fake voters” in the way President Trump described the process.

To vote in America, you have to be a citizen, at least that is what the law says, on paper, in all the states controlled by the Democrats, DACA recipients are getting Drivers License and benefits like regular citizens and it is almost difficult to differentiate their immigration status from those of citizens, and if they are even voting, it could be the fear of the Republican Party as to the reason why the Democrats refused to grant verifiable voters identification that will tie citizenship with records in most of the states they controlled.

Was DACA done to benefit the Democrats Party or just the compassionate goodwill of President Obama?

Both could be the reason, because it is more like a welfare program, Democrats stands to gain more than Republican Party, meaning if eventually DACA recipients are citizens with rights to vote and it is even a faster way to push the Whites more into minority group.

It is not a surprise hours after Attorney General  Jeff Session announced the plan to abolish the programe  former President Obama  out of office called the action of Trump administration to stop the program cruel and inhuman.

The first noticeable problem of DACA started in the State of California with 55 Electoral votes when it started issuing Driver’s license and all benefits of citizens to Dreamers, including tuition regulation like the citizens of Americans.

In the state of Arizona, it was not the same when Dreamers were denied Driver’s license and same tuition fee like citizens, it became a legal issue that was challenged in the Court until the Court ruled DACA recipients are not regular Americans and as such, can not be treated as such unlike what Obama policy  was doing through the back doors.

DACA program  became an issue in 2016 presidential election, the Democrat  VP candidate Senator Tim  Kaine  openly campaigned in Spanish language to the discomfort of Whites America.

Tim Kaine the VP pick of Hillary was an after thought, Castro from San Antonio in South Texas with ties to Cuba, then Obama’s Housing Secretary was the suspected VP candidate since 2008 and why Hillary picked Senator  Tim Kaine was a surprise probably out of fear to strike a balance between the Hispanic group and the Whites, it could be the only reason Senator Tim  Kaine who could speak Spanish was considered, whatever, it was, it did not fly as she lost the election.

President Trump  instead of kicking the DACA recipients out of the country  as he campaigned, he asked the Congress to pass the law to  either make it legal or all the so-called Dreamers will have to go back home.

Home to where? It was the question on the lips of all and his political adversaries on the social media and mainstream media, like CNN, New York Times, Washington Post  and Morning Joe a former Republican on MSNBC who changed his Party to Democrats after he fell in love with Mika the daughter of President Carter’s late National Security Adviser Dr. Brzezinski, his co-host on the Morning Joe show, all of them called Trump names for keeping to the Constitution.

What will President Trump achieve from this after six month? That is why u need to read the follow up to this post.







Zents Sowunmi is a New York based writer and author, a member of President Trump’s  Advisory Committee.


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