Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Austria to expel foreign funded Imams

Vienna (Reuter) Austria right wing government is planning to shut down 7 mosques, and could expell dozens of Imams in a push against Islamic...

61% of Americans have no idea of their retirement plan

Majority of Americans have no idea how much they will need to retire to stay put of poverty. 15% claimed 650k, average claim of...

US Sheriff who lost election fired his Deputy

NEWSZENTS: US Sheriff from the state of South Dakota who lost election to his Deputy fired his Deputy on June 6th with one page...

US Senate top staff arrested for leaking info

John Wolfe a top Senate staffer was arrested for leaking information to New York Times. Details later.

Argentines protest $50b IMF deal

Thousands match the streets in Argentina to protest $50b IMF loan, it will do no good for the econony they said

US Economy: Consumer confidence 18 years High.

NEWSZENTS:  United States economy is improving daily, as the consumer confidence hits 28 years high while unemployment hit 3.8% at 25 years low. US consumer...

Pastor eaten alive by Crocodile

A presbytarian Pastor in Ethiopia while conducting mass Baptism for 80 new church members got eaten up by a larger than life Crocodile. An attempt...

31 Candidates for California US Senate Seat

Along with the incubent, 31 candidates will view for California US Senate seat currently occupied by Feinstein.

Busy period for FBI

Busy period for FBI

Apple Stock hits $1trillion

Apple stocks on Monday closed at a new all-time high of 191.04 and it is expected to hit 1 trillion this week.