Britain: Tears for King James


Is Britain now a spiritually weak country ? It is  unbelievable a nation like Great Britain that gave the Christian world the King James version of the Bible can’t realise what is at stake here. What a mess!

Rome must be very unhappy with UK for not defending Christianity with all its strength after they ran way from the center.

Officially, it will be right to conclude that Britain is spiritually a weak nation, and when it was published that  the terrorists were asking for a Caliphate in UK of all places then the road to the end is open.

What a spiritual failure for a Christian and greedy nation! The Oracle says when a nation thinks only about money and stupid liberal policies the result is nothing but spiritual weakness.

When God told King Solomon to think and not to yoke with women of other nation, God was referring to spiritual weakness, in the same way he warned Samson and both failed spiritual test of Jehovah, today  the British is yoking with the wicked, and heartless  and it may go into perdition.





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